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Bring wellbeing to your team

Are you a leader or HR professional in a fast-paced work environment?
Would you like to improve your team’s mental balance and resilience?
Would you like to foster wellbeing and satisfaction?

Let’s create a more sustainable, fulfilling and 
healthy environment for your team.

It’s time to address the exhaustion and stress in today’s corporate world.
It’s time to support your team to slow down and recharge.
It’s time for preventive measures to achieve your business and wellbeing goals

Time for balance - Little Healthy Habits

Let me support you

I have created an interactive wellbeing program, combining my experience in Leadership and Sales with different training in Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. The result? You and your team will learn easy, practical tools (little, healthy habits) in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. I will show you how to integrate them into your business day, for example before/after an important meeting.
The benefits? You will learn to:

I connect, explore and inspire.

My friends and family describe me as: Globetrotter, natural networker, fast learner, musician, yogi, full of positive energy. Originally from Austria, I’ve been living in Madrid since 2013.

After 12 years in multinational companies – leading a high-performing B2B Sales Team for 2 years – and internalizing the importance of mental health after personal changes and challenges, I fulfilled myself a dream in January 2023: I took a sabbatical, went to India, completed the 200h Yoga Teacher Training, and solo traveled several months through India and Sri Lanka. I learnt to slow down, live more consciously, and integrate my new habits into my occidental life.

As a curious person with a lot of passion to improve my skills, I am constantly forming myself in: yoga, meditation, mindfulness; and exploring the connection to my other areas of interest: psychology, neuroscience, leadership, philosophy.

My experience has motivated me to create Little healthy habits to bring more mental balance to the Corporate world. I want to inspire you and your team by showing you easy, practical techniques to improve your team’s mental balance, creativity, productivity and overall wellbeing.

What my clients say

Online workshop

Today I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop facilitated by Julia, and I am compelled to share the impact it had not only on my day, but also in the future as I now have additional tools to use when I need to feel more balanced. Having witnessed firsthand the positive impact of these workshops, I can confidently attest to their effectiveness.

Lauren Yoshizuka, Product Data Analyst


Team Building Wellness

We received a session by Julia after an intense day presenting our annual strategy and goals. She did some kind of magic as I arrived at home with a complete sense of relaxation and peace. Furthermore, it was a great team building activity as doing the exercises in a group made it really fun. A session I totally recommend where I learnt tips for life. Thank you very much.

Gonzalo Hamparzoumian, CEO


Mindful sessions during business workshop

I completed a full time 3 days training focused on strategic planning and Julia's approach and activities were key in this event. The main activities are very mental, so integrating her sessions helped tremendously to bring more clarity to my mind, more focus, more efficiency and release negative feelings that can pop up at some points. Julia provided easy steps to follow and integrate more balance into our daily routines. Last but not least, I felt engaged by her passion and dedication.

María José Márquez, CEO

Kiki Silvarium Floral Design

Wellbeing event

Taking care of oneself & others has become a crucial part of wellbeing cultures. We were delighted to welcome Julia and to enjoy her workshop – It was the highlight of a special session we organized around emotional intelligence and mindfulness! Her practical exercises help to calm the body & mind in order to provide an important space to relax and do something good for all our own wellbeing. In perfect English, Julia´s calm, assertive and friendly way of communicating to senior leaders stood out for everybody and her smile on her face transmitted a feelable positive energy in the room. Hopefully, we can invite Julia back again soon!

Fabian Wick & Aitana Valenzuela, Human Resources

American Express Spain

Mental balance workshop

Julia's workshop made us reflect and understand that we are constantly "running". She showed us practical tools that help us to feel calmer and handle stress better. We learnt about our breathing and how important it is to "stop", to slow down.

Manuela Viteri, Key Account Manager

Lenus eHealth Software Spain

Customized wellbeing program

We started collaborating with Julia in October 2023 with a personalized program of one workshop per month. She convinced us with her careful assessment: Julia was really interested to learn about the status quo of the team, our day to day business and the areas we wanted to improve. The feedback of the team has been very positive: They have learnt new techniques to be more present and they have understood the importance of taking breaks and finding mental calmness. From the management, we support them with their new learnings by being flexible with everyone's individual needs.

Polter Simon, CEO

Esto va Enserio

My work in pictures and videos

Esto va enserio - Little Healthy Habits
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I offer 3 programs for you and your team

and I am happy to adapt to your ideas and needs.

Calm down & activate your energy

168 + tax

45 min online session

  • Previous assessment call.
  • Breathing & mindfulness techniques.
  • Perfect to raise awareness for the importance of mental wellbeing.
  • Hand-out with the exercises.

Your wellbeing program


Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly,
online or in-person

  • Previous assessment to understand your company's and team's needs.
  • Definition of goals, initial survey & regular follow-ups to monitor progress.
  • Kick-off workshop to explain the
    concept to the team.
  • Practical sessions with breathing, concentration, relaxation techniques.
  • Hand-out with the exercises.
  • Final survey and wellbeing insights.

My in-person workshop offers are for Madrid, Spain.
Are you in a different location? Do you have any special requests?
Contact me to schedule a quick & non-binding call.

Little healthy habits

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